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Greetings from Christian Global Net Services Pvt Ltd!!

It is indeed a great honour and privilege for me to talk about Christian Global Net Services Pvt Ltd (CGNS) to all of our esteemed members, staff, partners, well-wishers and supporters in India and abroad. I feel truly blessed and humbled to lead this global organization with a dedicated and highly competent team of staff members.

It was my long-standing dream to create a global platform that will bring the Community of Believers under one umbrella to build not only a fruitful relationship but also to carry out businesses through strategic networking using our digital platform.

This CGNS platform facilitates easy access to all its members irrespective of their locations where every individual, professional or institution / agency is likely to build a potential business partnership through social interaction and networking. This network is not only to promote a sustainable business opportunity within CGNS’s network but also to spread a message of peace, love, and solidarity amongst believer’s communities across India and abroad.

As a business promoter, CGNS puts extra effort in bridging the existing gap between potential businessmen / corporates and Christian community in order to meet diverse demands of recipient as well as service providers. As a consequence of enhanced outreach, CGNS could able to develop a solid database of over lakhs of members / partners globally. Additionally, more than thousand visitors are found visiting CGNS’s profile every month as an outcome of CGNS’s popularity in India and abroad. At present, CGNS has registered its footprint in 15 states of India and has a plan to reach out to all 29 states of India in the near future.

I'm truly indebted to all my valued members, management, network partners and well-wishers for their commitment and generous support in attaining my CGNS dream for India that inculcated strong bonds beyond business relationships. Hence, we are committed to delivering excellence and aspiring to be a World Class Christian service provider in India and abroad in coming days.

On behalf of CGNS family, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation of the support and the continuing patronage extended by all stakeholders and well-wishers and also thank all of you for your continuous faith and prayer in CGNS’s growth potential. We as a team remain committed to deliver the best of our services entrusted to us by our customers and members.

Best wishes,

Pastor Timothy
Managing Director, CGNS

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