Who We Are?

Christian Global Net Serveces Pvt Ltd - (India’s No-1 Services Provider Company to Christian Community)

The company started offering local search services in 2015 under the Christian Global Services brand for Christians Services, and is now the leading local search engine in India. It’s a platform which connects thousands of Christian people form various Churches, Bible Collages, Institutions, Christian Retreat Centres, Guest house, hospitals, School, Matrimonial portal, Property Sale and Purchase, Job in Christian Institutes and Businessman etc. Its official website www.infochristians.com was launched in 2015.

Christian Global Net Services (CGNS) search service is available to Christian users across multiple platforms, such as the internet, mobile Internet, over the telephone (voice) and text (SMS). Christian Global Services (CGNS) search service bridges the gap between the Christian users and Christian businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services quickly, while helping businesses listed in Christian Global Services (CGNS) database to market their offerings. Christian Global net Services (CGNS) has also initiated its ‘Search Plus’ Services for the users. These services are aimed at making several day–to–day tasks conveniently actionable and accessible to the Christian users. With this step, Christian Global Net Services (CGNS) is transitioning from being purely a provider of local search and related information to being an enabler of such transactions. Christian Global Net Services (CGNS) intends to provide an online platform to thousands of SME’s to get them discovered and transacted. Christian Global Net Services is a platform which connects millions of people from various churches, Institutions and organizations around the world. It is a one stop portal which provides key information and services at a click away.

All this can be availed by registering your church/institution with us and you can have global presence. You can also opt for advertising on any of our services page. Christian Global Services is actively serving the Christian community through out the world.

We strongly believe in good work and through our team of dedicated professionals we deliver you the best services available. Our core values are Stewardship, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence. Our uttermost effort is to connect you to the whole world and serve you better.

We look forward to partner with you and give us an opportunity to serve you and the community at large world wide.

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