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Do you aspire to go abroad for your higher education to pursue a particular discipline? Or would like to see a different part of the world? Do you dream of immigrating to a foreign country?

Christian Global Net Services the simplest solution to study abroad. It helps out students for education options in Australia, Canada and UK. Studying in these well known Universities will enable you to gain an internationally recognized qualification that will prepare you for life and work. Studying overseas at a University that is equivalent to your eligibility and uses your strength to bring about a life-changing experience that will unwrap your intellect and offer you an edge when you enter the workforce.

Deciding on an overseas education in your higher academic years is the best choice you will ever make in your life. A study abroad experience will promote you in ways beyond your mind and hope. It will tender you an opening to ascertain a unique culture, make friendships, associations and relationships, and receive an education that goes in an extensive manner in your holistic growth.


Our team will engage in conducting a inclusive profiling process with you which will help you examine your overall profile and current status with respect to your future short-term & long-term goals. An approach that will provide lucidity in terms of your requirements our suggestions.

Under this stage, our team will do the following:

  • Assess your academic & professional background
  • Provide you profile improvement tips based on your preferred course of study
  • Help you realize the aptness of various course options based on your current profile


Our Experts have been fruitful in placing students in reputed universities and provided quality education in line with their requirements. We make an effort to match your aspirations with university options while keeping in mind your educational and specialized background. We will do a check of your academic performance, test scores, credentials, and work experience.


  • Applicants are serviced by experts who are highly experienced professionals some of whom have themselves studied abroad
  • One-on-one and customized service provided for both Counseling and Editing of applications
  • Our sound placement record –Applicants serviced through us have received admission offers from highly reputed universities abroad
  • University Selection – Our expert Counselors help applicants in selection of the right kind of colleges/universities

  • Compiling Letters of Recommendation, Essays and Resumes – We assist applicants in understanding & implementation of the highly qualitative feature of foreign university applications – essays, statements of purpose, resumes etc.
  • Application Assistance & Counseling – We counsel and assist applicants in filing up their application forms and review them as well
  • Visa– We assist applicants in finalizing their visa documents 


All countries have their immigration laws; the exact requirements might vary from country to country but there are some mandatory documents, which are generic and apply to all the countries.

Both IELTS and TOEFL are standardized tests determine your English level by assessing your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, the two tests differ in format, scoring and more. This is to be noted that universities are often square with either of the aforementioned language proficiency tests and also lower scores but for a visa, there are set requirements in terms of the test type and score; for instance, TOEFL is not recognised by the UK. So there is a possibility of visa rejection if either/both of the requirement(s) is not met; hence the students should remain well informed even before applying to universities.

We are well informed about the visa requirements of more or less all the countries in terms of relevant documentation, financial aspects, and key aspects of the visa interview. We will not only guide you through the process but will also review all the documents before submission.

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